Created by a group of artists in April 2018, the Roteiro de Ateliês performs a continuous mapping of ateliers in the city of São Paulo, in a collaborative and independent way.

Once a semester happens the OPEN STUDIOS! Event in which artists from different regions of the city open the doors of their studios to share theIr creative process, production and workspace.

The aim is to promote access to contemporary art in the place where it is being produced, in addition to promoting the articulation of the network of artists and the approach of new audiences.


The mapping, opens up new paths, establishing relationships and creating new possibilities for artists, visitors and the field of art. 




Atelier Transe durante III Portas Abertas do Roteiro de Ateliês

The Roteiro de Atelies initiative is extremely rich and necessary in the Brazilian arts community. We need proposals that value affection and exchange through communication between the artists that inhabit São Paulo. We find the organization exquisite and very clear in everything that moved the event. Congratulations to everyone! "
Marcelo Prudente - Atelier Transe

Studio Transe 

"It was very gratifying to participate in this great movement of artists."

Ninetta Rabner, mapped artist

"I loved it. It was like doing an artistic tour. I am sure that this initiative opened doors to new possibilities and new frontiers. Congratulations to everyone involved. ”

Mara de Sá, visitor of the II Portas Abertas

Ateliê de Ana Paula Oliveira, Roteiro de Ateliês, São Paulo


"I love noticing the influence of the neighborhood in the production of each artist. When we visited Ana Paula Oliveira's studio, it was very clear the importance of working there, immersed in the right environment to harvest her material. Where insects are huge and change carcasses. In the center, you don't see many insects of this type. As I recall, they are cheaper and more stilted.

And I don't know if she chose the place because of her work, or if the fact of living there led her to such research. But it's more likely to be a mixture of that.

A place is chosen because it has and offers what already stimulates us, and, with intense coexistence, the work advances and deepens in the direction of this choice."

Adriana Affortunati

october 2019