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Ale studio

Cultural space

Founded in 2012 by visual artist Alexandra Ungern, Ateliê Alê was born as a new proposal in the contemporary art scene. Its objective is to provide a laboratory, open to the public, of artistic and curatorial experiments.


book house

"Lovely House is a publishing house with a heart beating for creatives. It concentrates its efforts on researching and disseminating editorial works about art, photography and design, making a great deal of space for titles and independent authors in its curatorship."


Creative Images

"FUJOCKA CREATIVE IMAGES is a pioneer and specialist in image post-production. Located in São Paulo, it serves clients from anywhere in the world"

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art house

PONDER70 is an art house located in a charming alley, where customized events of Art, Music and Gastronomy take place.

The idea is to connect the look, taste and listen, in multi-sensory experiences, with works of art integrated into the environment.

The house also provides services and develops art projects , with teams assembled on demand.

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"Devora Editorial is the realization of an old dream of three book-loving friends with an appetite for culture. A publisher with nice prices and even nicer quality."

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Cultural Curatorship

Artikin is a cultural curation and content creation collective specializing in art, speaking of art in a new, light and inspiring way collectively through a content ecosystem.

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Graphic design

Specialized in web design of portfolio sites for artists, it also develops logos and other visual identity items.


Free School of Art

"The Free School of Art Havana
works with the plastic and visual training and with the creative process of the student, prioritizes individualized teaching and guides the exploration of materials, techniques and supports based on the aesthetic search of each one."

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Galeria Quarta Parede is a space dedicated to the visual arts that encompasses the production of artists from within and outside the country, promoting cultural exchanges and the careers of emerging artists in the contemporary art scene.

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Cultural space

Space dedicated to disseminating independent art and culture located downtown

from Sao Paulo

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