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Do you want to sell on the Roteiro online store?

The store operates with a "studio price", that is, an amount without a fixed intermediation surcharge.
The artists, when selling on the Roteiro's online store, choose the percentage that will be destined to the collective, contributing to the realization and dissemination of this collaborative and independent project.

- Each artist who wants to participate chooses 3 works. Maximum value of each work R$1,000.00

- To participate, just fill out the form by clicking here (for each work) and send images of the work by e-mail at

- After the sale, the artist must properly pack and send the work by post office, or as preferred, deliver and notify the Script on delivery. The cost of delivery is the artist, consider to determine the price.

- If you want to support the project with everything and donate 100% of the sale value, the Workshop Guide will be responsible for withdrawing from the studio and sending it to the buyer!

In the store it will look like in the example:

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.08.57.png
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