What is the Roadmap?

It is a mapping of ATELIERS of active VISUAL ARTISTS, that is, who are producing regularly.

For now the mapping is being done only in the city of São Paulo

When can I visit the workshops?

We regularly organize OPEN DOORS, an event in which we publish maps of the artists who have their studios open to receive visitors.

Outside this period, you can find, on the artists page, the contact details of each one!

When will the next OPEN DOORS be?

From 2020, OPEN DOORS will take place once a year, in September.

But other events related to the ROUTE take place throughout the year.

How can I buy a work by an artist from the Screenplay?

Contact the artist directly! He will instruct you!

the Roadmap facilitates contact, but does not mediate sales!

Who organizes and produces the SCRIPT?

A very small group of mapped artists dedicate time for the SCRIPT to exist!

Mapping, registration of new artists, invitation design, map design, website update, event production, documentation, dissemination on social networks, registration in notices, production of sales, contact with artists, and everything else that is necessary for may the project continue!!

Not an artist but want to join this group?

write to us! scriptateliês@gmail.com

Since when does the Roadmap exist?

Since April 2018 when we started mapping Butantã.

on I Open Doors | September | 2018 18 artists participated in 15 workshops!

the Open Doors II | June 2019 featured 55 artists in 33 workshops!

we now have 143 mapped artists!

The next Open Doors will be in October! We hope you can visit!

How can I support the project?

Publicizing the project

Following the script on instagram, facebook and youtube

Indicating artists and ateliers he admires

Donating to the project

Inviting script artists to an exhibition, interview, auction

Sending us photos of your visits to the ateliers

Offering a space for our events

And especially visiting the ateliers!

What if you want to be even more involved?

Let's articulate! Contact scriptdeatelies@gmail.com

Who finances the project?

We are submitting the script in public notices to get funding.

For now, the script is maintained with spontaneous donations from those who are enthusiastic about the project!

You can also support the script!

How is donation money used?

The resource collected from the cows and spontaneous donations is used at each event:

in the prints of maps and posters

when sending this material by mail

in the site's monthly fee

in the production of salables (cloth bag #1, notebooks #1,2,3