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Cynthia Phiebig

Experimentation and chance play a fundamental role in Cíntia Phiebig's creative process, who disobeys the order of the engraving technique. Cíntia produces countless matrices and, when printing, reorganizes them in search of new compositional possibilities, in woodcuts, her main activity or paintings and collages.

Natural forms, such as leaves and plants, in Cíntia's work, are almost pretexts to explore textures, colors and shapes. By joining different matrices, representation gives way to composition.

In her studio, the artist almost inadvertently keeps her matrixes organized in compositions, forming large wooden installations.

Graduated in Visual Arts and Specialist in Art History at Faculdade Paulista de Artes, she teaches elementary school children at Polis Colégio in Embu das Artes, professor of painting and woodcutting in the courses at Gare Cultural (Abra Vila Mariana) and teaches several subjects theoretical and practical at Faculdade Paulista de Artes, in addition to offering workshops in various cultural spaces in São Paulo.

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